GPAINNOVA’s Quality Policy


GPAINNOVA aims to become a global benchmark for the industry and to lead the efficient solution market. The company’s ambition is to be a technological platform that makes its know-how available to entrepreneurship, and all the human and material resources necessary to design, develop, and distribute all kinds of innovative, disruptive projects, with high-added value for society.


Design and development of industrial machinery and innovative technologies that meet the needs of any economic sector, with the aim of revolutionizing the industry thanks to efficient, high-performance technologies.

Development, manufacturing (with our own or external means), and marketing electrolytes with constant and demonstrable quality, boosting sales through constant and close contact with customers.

Designing high-performance power electronics, electrical, software, and automation solutions, as well as to manufacture and market electrical and electronic equipment and assemblies.

Promoting the use of a Quality Management System in all areas of the company to ensure its effectiveness and continuous improvement.

Development and use of the potential capabilities of all the members of the company, with special emphasis on continuous training, in order to contribute to the improvement of the system.


  • Technology: To always be at the forefront within its sector.
  • Innovation: To continuously improve its products and services, as well as its internal processes based on the objectives established annually.
  • Excellence: GPAINNOVA’s goal is to achieve customer loyalty and satisfaction, optimizing their experiences and minimizing risks associated with its products and services.
  • Teamwork: The company encourages the ongoing training and motivation of the team, through open and inclusive decision-making processes, as well as participation and contribution of suggestions.


  • Compliance: To comply with the requirements of its clients, the applicable legislation, and other subscribed requirements, as well as to preserve the confidentiality of the information and data.
  • Security: To continuously improve the workers well-being in the workplace, minimizing the risks and damages concerning workers’ health, including external cooperative parties, customers, and distributors.
  • Ethics: To ensure ethical behavior in all its actions. To promote diversity and equal opportunities regardless of race, gender, religion, or disability. To support and respect the protection of internationally recognized fundamental human rights.
  • Sustainability: To preserve the natural resources and minimize the generation of waste and emissions into the atmosphere, as well as the efficient use of raw materials and energy resources in our activities.


GPAINNOVA establishes a selection and evaluation system of its suppliers and subcontractors, based on their capability to meet the previously specified requirements and the result of the purchased product/service on the quality of the final product.

Both the initial supplier homologation, essential to initiate a collaboration, and the continuous evaluation, will change in their demand depending on the impact of the purchased product/service in the final GPAINNOVA product.

There are two main points on the continuous suppliers and subcontractors evaluation: a qualitative assessment and a service assessment, rated by a 100 scoring and using a demerits system based on the number of incidents concerning the number of deliveries, and also the service provided assessment.

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